CarterBrothers Charities (CBC) was established in 2004 by NFL Hall of Fame recipient Cris Carter and his brother noted entrepreneur John F. Carter,who defined its purpose as “administering financial support for the advancement of empowering victims of domestic violence and homelessness through intervention, advocacy and education and advancing the lives of underprivileged youths through mentoring and education, directly or indirectly, without regard to sex, race, creed or nationality…”


The vision of CBC  is to leverage the Founders’ visibility, experience and passion  committed to the support and advocacy of benevolent organizations to bring national awareness to the negative impact of  Domestic Violence  and Homelessness  to create a united front.. Our development of partnerships with business and community leaders will assist us in achieving our goals.

“When we plant a tree, we don’t plant it for ourselves but for our children.”

– The Reverend Mae “Mother” Wyatt

CB Charities Image of Child