How We Work

To bring about the kinds of changes that will help victims of domestic violence, hunger and homelessness live safer and  more productive lives, we seek to understand the  inequities that impact and hinder them. Whether the challenge is Domestic Violence and the impact that it has on women and their children or the helplessness felt by the homeless and hungry, we listen and learn so we can identify how to help and where to get involved. Then we consider whether we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and our investments, whether it is a grant or a endowment. All of our strategies—have emerged through this process of identifying what we want to accomplish for people and where we can have the greatest impact. Once we commit to impact an area of need, we define our goals and identify a clear path to achieving them.


CarterBrothers Charities places the optimal development of children at the center of all we do and calls for healing the profound impact of domestic violence and the inequities of hunger and homelessness that exist in our communities. We believe in supporting and building upon the mindsets, methods and modes of change that hold promise to advance the best interests generally of vulnerable children and victims of domestic violence.Concentrating our resources on impacting the context of families and communities, offers the best opportunity to dramatically reduce the vulnerability caused by domestic violence and poverty  over time.There is strong evidence that optimal child development means providing children with the stimulus, tools and support necessary for their emotional, intellectual, physical and cultural growth. To achieve this, we organize our work and investments toward attaining this strategic goal.We take a place-based approach to our work, concentrating as much as two-thirds of our grant-making in a limited number of specific places where we believe we can have maximum impact.

Our focus areas:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Education
  • Hunger
  • Homelessness

Where We Work

CBC  works throughout the United States, with a concentration in Georgia, we operate with the belief that significant and lasting change begins with individuals and communities coming together to  end domestic violence, hunger and homelessness.We invest in all our program areas of interest, with geographical emphasis in our priority places.

Priority Places

In 2004, the foundation began concentrating up to two-thirds of its grant-making in several priority places, while developing a strategy to broaden grant making efforts throughout the U.S. .

We have found that our  efforts are most effective when they operate in a limited number of geographic locations, in full partnership with communities, over extended periods of time. Many of these places are also locations where CBC has a deep history of grant making, existing relationships to leverage.

Within the United States, priority places include Georgia, Ohio, Florida . We are committed to working in each of these priority places for at least a generation. Historically, Metro Atlanta began as our sole priority place, both because Atlanta is where are headquartered and because of the limited domestic violence, homeless resources available to Metro Atlanta’s  largely urban population. It remains one of our priority places, with an estimated one-in-five Metro Atlanta children living in poverty and experiencing violence in their homes.